Bhu Naksha Maharashtra 2021 | भू नक्शा महाराष्ट्र Online

BhuNaksha Maharashtra |  Maharashtra BhuNaksha| Bhu Naksha Maharashtra 2021 | | भू नक्शा महाराष्ट्र Bhu Naksha Maharashtra:- Online portal related to BhuNaksha has been launched by the Maharashtra government for the convenience of the citizens of the state. Under which the information of land records and Khasra Khatauni etc of all the land record … Read more

Bhoomi RTC Karnataka 2021: Pahani Report, Land Record, M-RTC Mobie App

Bhoomi RTC Karnataka | Karnataka RTC Online Land Record | Karnataka Pahani Report | Bhoomi Portal Online Registration Bhoomi RTC Karnataka: The Karnataka government has started a new portal called “Bhoomi Portal”, This is an e-Bhoomi portal through which the resident of Karnataka will be able to get complete information about their land records. Today … Read more

CCLA Webland Telangana: Online Land Records, Pahani, ROR 1B

CCLA Webland Telangana | Telangana Land Records | CCLA Telangana |Pahani & ROR 1B Telangana Record | Portal CCLA Webland Telangana:- Today in this digitalized world, every piece of information is digitalized now. Many government services are digitalized also. So for the benefit of people Telangana government has started an online portal through which … Read more

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