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Assam Bhulekh | Assam Land Record | Assam Jambandi

 Assam land Record, Jamabandi:- Information about all types of documents related to Assam Bhulekh can be obtained from the Land Revenue Department of Assam. On 1 March 2006, its name was changed to Revenue and Disaster Management Department. All types of documents related to land have been made online by the Revenue Department through the online portal. Now you can easily get the DAG number, Patta number, or Pattadar number and Jamabandi copy through the online application.

The Assam Revenue Department is divided into four parts. General Branch, Second Settlement Branches, Third Land Acquisition and Land Records Branch, and Fourth Land Reforms Branch. You have to apply to the Revenue Department for Jamabandi related to land records. For this, the land records were made online by the government through Dhritri software.

 Assam land Record

Assam land Record

Assam land Record, Jamabandi (ROR)

The accounts of Assam Jamabandi are maintained by the Revenue Department of the Government of Assam. The Assam Jamabandi is related to the Land Records Register. Records related to land are recorded in the ROR report related to Jamabandi. In which all the information of the landholder is available. It is a legally important document. Which provides information about the legal status of a property.

A separate Jamabandi record is maintained by the Assam Revenue Department for all the villages in the state. Through which the entries made in the record of rights of the citizens of the state are authenticated. Today, through this article, we are providing you with all kinds of information related to Assam Bhulekh, Jamabandi. Stay connected with us till the end for every kind of information related to Assam Bhulekh, Jamabandi.

ILRMS Assam land Record, Jamabandi
Article Jamabandi Assam Land Record
State Assam
Department Revenue & District Management Department Assam
Year 2022
Official Website Click Here

Importance of Assam ROR

Following are the importance of RoR of Assam Jamabandi

  • The Assam Jamabandi ROR certifies the legal ownership of land property.
  • ROR land record is an important document. Those who substantiate the claim of right to any kind of property.
  • Through this land-related ROR report, the citizens of the state can avoid any land property fraud.
  • ROR is an important legal document. This will help the owner of the land to avoid legal trouble in the future.

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Uses OF Assam ROR Records

Following are some of the important objectives of Assam ROR

  • Assam ROR report is used by the citizens of the state to check the ownership of their ancestral land or any other type of land.
  • It is used to know the types of land and the diversity of land use and land activities.
  • It is an important document to know about the agricultural aspects of land in the state.
  • Jamabandi is a very important document for the transaction of property in the state. It is needed in the registry office.
  • Assam ROR report is also an important document for bank loans and agriculture loans.
  • A certified ROR report can be submitted to the court as a land record for civil litigation.

Features in Assam Record of Rights (ROR)

Assam ROR Extract contains the following information about the land or property.

  • Changes in ownership
  • Nature and limits of owner’s rights and conditions
  • Mutation numbers
  • Type of soil (agricultural or non-agricultural)
  • Survey number of the land
  • Type of irrigation (irrigated kind or rainfed nature)
  • Area of the earth – Fit for cultivation
  • Details of charges of attachment and decrees under the order of the civil court or revenue authorities
  • The field in possession of each landholder and the classification of each area are entered from Chitha.
  • Details pending loans for buying seeds, pesticides, or fertilizers
  • Information regarding the type of crops planted in the last cultivating season
  • Aspects of pending litigations, if any
  • Aspects of tax paid and unpaid taxes
  • Details of loan taken by the landowner

Documents Required for Assam Records of Rights

You need to attach the following required documents along with the application form for the Assam ROR record.

  • ROR application form
  • Up to date Land Revenue Receipt. (Khajana Receipt)
  • Copy of Land Deed

You will have to pay a fee of Rs 50 for the application of the ROR report.

Assam ROR Report Application Process

Following is the procedure for application of Records of Rights or Jamabandi through CSC:

  • First of all, you have to visit your nearest CSC center.
  • The applicant has to submit the land details like revenue village number, name, lease number, dag number, lease number, land class, area, applicant details, certificate, etc. along with the Jamabandi application form.

Assam ROR

  • You have to pay the application fee for the application for the ROR report. And must get the acknowledgment slip with the application reference number from the CSC operator
Online Application for dharitree assam land record of Rights (ROR)

For the application of Assam Records of Rights, you can apply online at Assam e-District Portal. Following is the Assam ROR online application process:

  • Firstly the applicant has to visit the official website of the Government of Assam.
  • First of all, you have to register on the official portal. For this, you have to click on the option of Sign-in from the home page.
  • Now you have to click on Create Account option to register in Assam e-District Portal.
  • Now enter your details like name, date of birth, gender, email id, etc. Now enter the text verification code and click on the save option.
  • After registration, you will get the link on your email id. After clicking on the link your account will be activated.
  • Now you can easily log in to the Assam e-district portal by using your name and password.
  • After logging in you can apply for an attested copy of Assam Records of Rights.
      • Revenue Village Number and Name
      • Patta Number
      • Dag Number
      • Land Class
      • Area
      • Applicant details
      • Reason for applying for the certificate
  • Now you save all the entered information by clicking on the Save and Next button
  • Now you have to pay the application fee online.
  • You will receive a receipt after paying the application fee.
  • The concerned officer or settlement officer will process the land certificate online and forward the application to the lot Mandal or supervisory kanungo for verification.
  • After verification, the concerned authority will forward the certified copy of the Jamabandi request.

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