Loucha Pathap Manipur 2023: Check Manipur Land Records

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Loucha Pathap Manipur:-

The Manipur government joined the national government’s project of land record digitization by developing Loucha Pathap, an online site for searching Manipur land records. Loucha Pathap translates as “rules governing the land.” Manipur is separated into two regions: valley and hills, and the portal was opened in four valley districts(Bishnupur, Imphal East, Imphal West, and Thoubal). Hill districts are not surveyed in the same way as valley districts. This blog covers Manipur land records, how to apply for mutation on Loucha Pathap, and other topics.

Loucha Pathap Manipur

Loucha Pathap Manipur

Latest Update: Land Tenure System in Manipur Hills Implemented

June 2023:

Land reform has always been a contentious topic in Manipur, ever since a few groups protested the extension of the Manipur Land Revenue & Land Reforms Act, 1960, to the hill districts. A few hill leaders, however, have recently come forward to advocate a land tenure system in the hills.

Separate land laws inside a state’s borders may appear uncomfortable, yet it is in the best interests of hill people. Manipur is maybe the only Indian state having more than one land-holding system in use.

Though the Manipur Land Revenue & Land Reforms Act 1960 governs the whole valley area and certain sections of the hill districts, the hills have two land ownership regimes.

In the Kuki lands, the chief owns the entire village land and leases it to the inhabitants. They are granted temporary rights to cultivate the land on the condition that the chief gets a percentage of the harvest. Because the Chief brothers wanted a share of the land, new villages started popping up in Kuki-dominated areas.

Article About Land Record Information System Manipur
Other name(s) Loucha Pathap
Managed by Department of Revenue
Contact details Mobile number: 7005881962
Website link louchapathap.nic.in

Loucha Pathap Portal Objective

The goal of the Loucha Pathap site is to digitize all of the state’s land records in order to avoid property fraud and fraud. Other services, such as document registration and mutation, are also available online.

Services Available On the Loucha Pathap Portal

  • Check jamabandi Manipur/patta/RoR (Loucha Pathap manipur patta download)
  • The revised land tax rate
  • DAG Chitta
  • The detailed land tax rate
  • Mutation of property
  • Document registration system
  • Download Minimum Guidance Value (MGV), MLR and LR Act 1960, and Land Act 1894.

Check Loucha Pathap RoR in Manipur

After completing the property registry and paying the stamp duty and registration fees, the person becomes the legal owner. The Directorate of Land Records and Settlement afterward records property data. Property Records of Rights (RoR), such as the owner’s name, cultivator, and so on, are also available on the Loucha Pathap website.

Loucha Pathap Login

You must log in to use any service on the Loucha Pathap site. Also, if you have not already done so, please register before logging in. To access the Manipur land records site, follow the procedures below:-

  • First, go to Loucha Pathap portal.
  • On the homepage, click on Login.
  • The login page named Louchapathap 2.0 will open.
  • Here, enter username, password, and captcha
  • Then, click on Login.

View Jamabandi/Patta /RoR

To access or download Manipur land records, Patta, or Jamabandi through the website (loucha pathap manipur patta download), follow the procedures below:

  • Visit the official Loucha Pathap website.
  • On the citizen option, click on the Jamabandi/Patta option.
  • You will be redirected to a new page of RoR/Jamabandi.
  • Here, select your district, circle, and village.
  • Then, enter your New Patta No. (The patta number is also known as the Khata number, which is an account number to a family that shows the landholdings of the family.)
  • After that, enter New Dag No. (Dag number is also known as Khasra number which is a unique number assigned to plots in villages.)
  • After completing the above process, click on Submit.
  • The details of RoR/ Patta/Jamabandi will be displayed.
  • Now, you can download the records by doing a right click and then click on Print.

Register on NGDRS Manipur using the Loucha Pathap

To register for the National Generic Document Registration System(NGDRS), follow these steps:-

  • Visit the official portal of Loucha Pathap.
  • Now, click on NGDRS Manipur
  • A new web page will open on your screen.
  • Here, you will see two options Citizen login or Organization login.
  • Now, click on Citizen login.
  • Then click on Citizen Registration from the left menu bar
  • A Citizen Registration form will appear,
  • Fill in the form with all the required information.
  • After that, enter username, password, and captcha code.
  • Don’t forget to enter the hint question and answer.
  • Finally, click on Submit.
  • Now, you can log in to the NGDRS portal using a username and password

Check the Minimum Guidance Value

To check the Minimum Guidance Value (MGV) on the Manipur land records portal, follow the steps given below:-

  • Go to the official Loucha Pathap website.
  • On the homepage, select Check Land Value from citizen option.
  • A new page will open on your screen.
  • Here, select Unit and The rate of the unit will automatically appear.
  • Now, select one of the size(Hectar, Acre, or Square Feet) and then enter the values.
  • After that, select one of the options- municipal or non-municipal.
  • Finally, click on the Compute option.
  • The results will appear on the screen.
  • Results for Actual value and Computed Value will appear.

Note=> If you are unsure about the Unit of your land, you may look it up under Schedule Details.

Is it Possible to Apply for Online Mutation On Loucha Pathap?

Yes, you may apply for an online mutation on the Manipur land records website, provided your property is registered in Manipur. Furthermore, the property must be transferrable, and the final publishing must be comprehensive.

To Get or apply for a Mutation Form on Loucha Pathap, follow the steps given below:-

  • Go to the official Loucha Pathap website.
  • Now, click on the MLR Form option from the Download section.
  • Then click on the Application Form for Partition-Mutation(MLR Form 16)
  • Now, the Mutation Form PDF will open.
  • Get a printout of a form and submit it to SDC or SDO.
  • Once mutation orders are passed, the transaction details are updated in land records.

How Much is the Mutation Fee?

If you apply for mutation online, you must pay Rs 10 to the Common Services Centre (CSC). Furthermore, if you are below the poverty line (BPL), there will be no expenses.

Access DILRMP Manipur

Follow the procedures below to access the DILRMP (Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme) details via the Loucha Pathap portal:

  • Visit the official Loucha Pathap website.
  • On the home page, select DILRM from the Important Links section,
  • Here, you will see various options like ROR, Computerization of Land Records, Map Digitization, Modern Record Room, Survey Resurvey, and Sub-Registrar Office on the DILRM portal.
  • Each option offers a different service and allows you to check the latest status on the digitization of land records.

Meaning of MLR and LR Act 1960

Manipur Land Revenue and Land Reforms Act 1960 is the full name of MLR. Both Acts apply to the whole state of Manipur, with the exception of the highland areas. The Act attempts to unify and reform Manipur’s land revenue legislation. It also includes metrics for the same.

Meaning of Land Act 1894

The Land Act of 1894 is also known as the Land Acquisition Act. The Act seeks to acquire land for public or private use. Section 40 (1) limits the law’s application to corporations. If the state government is not pleased, the corporation will be unable to buy the property.

Contact Details

If you have any questions, you can contact the Revenue Department’s Joint Secretary:-

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