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The Chief Minister is in charge of the Land Records and Survey Department, which is allocated by the Parliamentary Secretary and Secretary as HOAD. The Chief Minister issues all directives concerning land records. The Chief Minister is in charge of all Revenue Administration, Land Records, and Survey operations.

Nagaland Land Records

Nagaland Land Records

Nagaland State Land Records and Survey Department was established in Kohima in 1973. In August 1975, it was relocated to Dimapur. The land belongs to the people of Nagaland. Administration and maintenance are the only operations of the department. The land records system is in use in Dimapur Mouza, the administrative center of the town, and on government land. Initially, the activity revolved solely around Dimapur Mouza. The revenue department is in charge of land policies and their administration.

However, the revenue department’s operations have recently grown. The revenue department of Nagaland’s new tasks includes a land survey, mapping various development activities, generating land records, digitizing surveyed maps, and computerizing rights records. The Nagaland Land Acquisition and Requisition Act of 1965 applies to the whole state of Nagaland. This likewise holds true for the deputy commissioners.

Details Available in Nagaland Land Records

Nagaland land records include information about landholdings such as registration, usage, type, and more. These records include numerous property facts such as sale deeds, maps, rights records, landowner information, and more. To learn more about the information available in Nagaland land records check the details given below:-

  • Name of the Owner
  • Size of the Land
  • Shape of the Land
  • Number of Owners
  • History of transactions such as third-party claims, mortgages, etc. made in lieu of the property
  • Type of soil at the property
  • Other economic details

Nagaland Land Records Benefits

Nagaland Land Records Major benefits are given below:-

Check Nagaland Land Ownership:-

When purchasing a property, you must first get land records from the proprietor. Nagaland land records can assist you in determining and verifying the landowner’s ownership status. You can use the information to avoid fraudulent transactions and trades.

Get Property Details:-

Nagaland land records may also provide you with specific property characteristics such as the type of land, the area, the shape, and so on, as well as information on a house loan, a stay order, or a lease.

Status of Changes:-

You may also get Nagaland land records to see if the ownership status has been updated after registering the property and completing the acquisition. As a new owner, these facts will assist you in keeping your land records up to date.

Avoid Property Fraud:-

Nagaland land records may also tell you if the property is lawful to sell and if it contains any non-transferable land pieces. The specifics also allow you to understand about the landowner’s selling rights.

Commercial Purposes:-

This is also another advantage of obtaining Nagaland land records. You may utilize a copy of land records lawfully signed by the allowed signatory for commercial reasons.

Patta Books Nagaland

To Check Land Records Nagaland State follow the procedure given below:-

First Step:

People need to get an application form from the Department of Land Record and Survey in order to verify land records (Patta Books Nagaland). The applicant must use a distinct form for each section of land. If you go to the department office. You may obtain an application form from the office’s counter.

Second step:

When you receive the application form from the officer, you must fill it out completely. However, before completing the application form, carefully read the instructions.

Third step:

After thoroughly filling out the form, submit photocopies of any essential papers. Finally, you must go to the counter officer to deposit the form; the officer may charge you some modest fees. Pay the applicable fees.

Fourth step:

Once authenticated, the officer will examine your land records in their computer records. Consider the printing of records. And have it signed by the appropriate official. The officer in charge confirms and signs the document before handing it over to you. When paying fee charges, remember to take a receipt of the fee. The authorized officer’s signed copy of land records can be utilized for commercial reasons.

Note=> I hope you have obtained all of the necessary information on Nagaland’s land records (Patta Books Nagaland). We are delighted to supply you with the necessary information.

Online Nagaland Bhunaksha

First Step:

People must get an application form from the Department of Land Record and Survey in order to check their Bhunaksha (Bhunaksha Nagaland).

Second step:

Now, fill out the application form as required.

Third step:

Deposit the paperwork with the counter officer and pay the requisite fees.

Fourth step:

Once authenticated, the officer will examine your land records in their computer records. Consider the printing of records. And have it signed by the appropriate official.

Land Records And Survey​ Officers Details

  • Super: Two officers
  • Senior Accountant / Assistant Superintendent: Three officers
  • Steno Gr 3: Two officers
  • U.D.A.: Four officers
  • L.D.A.: Four officers
  • Typist: Three officers
  • Duty: One officer
  • Office peon: Three officers
  • Chowkidar: One officer
  • Sweeper: One officer

Land Records And Survey Department​ Officers’ Power And Duties As Per Their Designation

Secretary:- The secretary has total oversight and management responsibility over the department’s business. All papers are submitted to the secretary for approval and any changes to the land records. If a file has to be corrected, it is resubmitted.

Joint Secretary:- The powers and responsibilities of the Joint Secretary are administrative activities. All files that are sent to higher authorities are first sent to the Joint Secretary for review and to provide a clear picture of the subject matter. And then sent to a higher authority for a final judgment.

Superintendent:- The superintendent is the branch’s section officer, whose job is to direct and supervise the whole branch’s operating system. The officer also monitors the attendance of department employees. Also, ensure that the entire department is carrying out its responsibilities in accordance with the law.

Secretariat Assistant / LDA:- The official examines and verifies all files and cases pertaining to land records and surveys. And meticulously keeps all records. Also included are cheque receipts, etc.

Typist:- Typists handle all of the typing for the land record and survey department.

Peon:- A peon brings papers, letters, and information to officials.

Directorate of Land Records and Survey, Nagaland – Contact Details

I hope you have received all of the necessary information on Nagaland’s Bhunaksha (Bhu Naksha Nagaland). We are delighted to supply you with the necessary information.

  • Address: Directorate of Land Records and Survey, Government of Nagaland, Dimapur, Near DC Office, PIN: 797112, Nagaland
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Phone number: +91-3862 – 2000 4444

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