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Stamp Duty Charges West Bengal:-

The State Government collects West Bengal Stamp Duty on property under Section 3 of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899. The West Bengal stamp duty charge is a sort of tax that the property buyer must pay to the government. Furthermore, there is no rebate on stamp duty and registration fees for female property buyers in West Bengal 2021. The tariffs are the same as those available to males.

To avoid penalties, stamp duty must be paid promptly and in one transaction at the time of property purchase. In the event of a default, the penalty for non-payment of stamp duty can range from 2% to 200% of the outstanding amount of West Bengal stamp tax.

The West Bengal stamp duty is payable on all forms of immovable property instruments. It is not, however, applicable to transfers by Will instrument, i.e. when immovable property is passed by Will. An instrument is any document that transfers the duty or right to property. Stamp duty is required for practically all sorts of property sales and transfers using various instruments. However, no payment would be made towards the West Bengal stamp duty until the property is purchased by a government department.

Other than online, there are other ways to pay the West Bengal stamp duty. Cash, demand draught, cheque, RTGS, and pay order are all acceptable methods of payment for stamp duty.

Stamp Duty Charges West Bengal

Latest Update: Stamp Duty Charges West Bengal

Kolkata Extends Relief on Stamp Duty and Property Registration till June 30, 2024

30 September, 2023:-

In a recent circular published by the state finance department on September 29, 2023, the state government of Kolkata agreed to extend the relief on stamp duty and registration charges. Citizens can still benefit from a 2% reduction in stamp duty and a 10% reduction in circle charges.

The deadline for extending the stamp duty refund is June 30, 2024. The government has extended the respite in stamp duty and property registration rates in Kolkata for the sixth time. Following the extension, the President of CREDAI West Bengal claimed that it was greatly needed and would assist in resuscitating the state’s real estate market.

According to a real estate consultant, once the expansion was announced in 2021, around 1,02,723 flats were registered. The state government first implemented the stamp duty exemption in October 2021. Since then, the state government has extended the rebate due to the economic recession.

Stamp Duty Rates Area-wise

The table below summarises the West Bengal stamp duty rates in various locations.

Area of the Property 

Property Value less than Rupees 25 Lakh

Property Value More than Rupees 40 Lakh

Stamp Duty in case of the Females 

Registration Rates 


























Rates of Registration and Stamp Duty Charges in WB 2023

The WB stamp duty and registration fees are as follows:-

Property Location

Stamp duty for property  Rupees 25 lakh and below

Stamp duty for the property above Rupees 25 lakh

Registration Fee 

Corporation (Kolkata/Howrah) area




Municipal Corporation Area




Areas that do not fall under the above two 




Calculate West Bengal Stamp Duty Charges

Use the West Bengal stamp duty calculator to calculate the stamp duty costs in West Bengal. Follow the steps below to utilize the West Bengal stamp duty calculator:-

  • Go to the West Bengal stamp duty website, i.e. the Directorate of Registration and Stamp Revenue website.
  • Log in to the WB Registration Portal.
  • Then, select the type of transaction and Local Body.
  • After that, enter the market value and captcha.
  • Finally, click on submit to obtain the stamp duty in that locality.
  • The applicable stamp duty will be displayed on the screen.

Pay Stamp Duty and Registration Charges Online

To pay West Bengal stamp duty and registration fees, go to the Government Receipt Portal System i.e., GRIPS, and follow the instructions:-

  • Visit and log in to the GRIPS portal.
  • Then, click on Payment of Taxes & Non-Taxes Revenue.
  • After that, select Directorate of Registration and Stamp Revenue, Payment of Stamp Duty, and Registration Fee.
  • Then, enter personal information such as Name, Address, and Phone Number.
  • After That, enter the Query year and Query number, which is mentioned on the e-assessment slip
  • Finally, cross-check if the information provided is right and click on Online Payment.
  • Now, download the e-challan with GRN (Government Reference Number) and BRN (Bank Reference Number) for future reference.

WB Stamp Duty and Registration Charges Under Certain Clauses

The table below displays the West Bengal stamp duty costs under various clauses for various property values:-

Clauses Stamp Duty Charges Based on Market Value Registration Fee
Below 30 lakh Rupees 30 lakh – 60 lakh Rupees 60 lakh – 1 Cr Rupees 1 Cr – 1.5 Cr Rupees 1.5 Cr – 3 Cr Rupees Above 3 Cr Rupees
(a) Sale of immovable property  


















(a) charge is Rs.7
(b) Power of Attorney- giving authority to the builder to construct or sell property (b)

it is NIL

Get a Refund of Stamp Duty and Registration Charges Paid

In the event of a transaction cancellation, the buyer is entitled to a refund of the West Bengal Stamp duty paid. However, this may only occur if the property paperwork is not processed for registration at the sub-register office. The buyer can then seek a refund of the stamp duty and registration fees.

The customer can obtain a refund by following the steps outlined below:-

  • Visit the webpage – WB Registration Portal.
  • Then, click on e-Payment and refund.
  • On the pop-up window, select the Application of Refund of e-payment option.
  • Now, a new page will open.
  • Here, the buyer will have to enter the required details.
  • Now, click on the show payment to see how much payment will be refunded.
  • In addition to the West Bengal stamp duty refund application form, the following papers will be required for generating the refund request:-
    • Originally executed document
    • Valuation report copy
    • Documents to prove cancellation of registration
    • A blank cheque that is cancelled
    • Copy of the e-challan of deposit

Note=> The buyer must seek a refund within three months of paying the stamp duty and registration fees by producing all of the aforementioned paperwork.

Factors Influencing Stamp Duty and Registration Charges

West Bengal’s stamp duty and registration charges are determined by several criteria, including:-

  • Value of the property: The valuation of the property impacts the overall amount of stamp duty charged.
  • Property location: The proportion of stamp duty varies between urban and rural locations.
  • Type of the property: The kind of property, whether residential or commercial, will also affect stamp duty and property registration fees in West Bengal.
  • Owner’s age factor: Senior citizens pay less stamp duty and registration fees than others when registering their property.
  • Property Status: Stamp duty charges on freshly developed properties are greater than on older ones.

Things to be Remembered Before Stamp Duty Payment in WB

Keep the following information in mind while paying stamp duty and registration fees in West Bengal:-

  • All property assets must be stamped prior to property registration or the next working day. If the parties sign the agreement outside of the territory, it must be stamped within 3 months.
  • The stamp paper must be issued within 6 months after the transaction date.
  • To avoid fraud, you might pay stamp duty with adhesive stamps that are removed later by the authorities.
  • The stamps should be issued in both the buyer’s and seller’s names.

Contact Details

If you have any questions or want to file a complaint about stamp duty in West Bengal or registration fees, please contact the following:-

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